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Welcome Macedonian customers to visit our company to discuss business 2018-12-8
Chairman Chen Fumin is interviewed by Liling TV Station 2018-11-30
Welcome African customers to visit company and discuss business 2018-11-27
Zhuzhou municipal government leaders visit our booth. 2018-9-29
Hunan provincial council for trade promotion, Mr Hejian, came to the booth to direct the work.9 2018-9-29
China (Liling) International Ceramic Industry Exposition 2018 September 25-October 2 2018-9-21
West Asia customers come to visit our company again and negotiate business. 2018-8-14
Customers in Uzbekistan visit the Field to discuss Business and cooperate hand in hand 2018-8-8
Our company entered the database of Technology Based SMEs in 2018. 2018-4-9
Be awarded "hi tech enterprise" by People's Republic of China 2017-12-5
Experts from many countries on ceramic technology visit the company. 2017-7-12
Ceramic equipment technology 2015-9-16
Training course Pottery making technology for developing countries in 2015 2015-9-3
Company was set up the party branch for ceremony 2012-6-8
Ukraine come to visit our company ceramic machinery equipment 2012-4-29
Our company took part in 2012-4-22
vietnam come to visit and negotiation business 2012-4-5
Guanxi north flow have place an order for our products of deliver goos the scene 2012-3-26
Saudi Arabia come to visit our company 2012-3-19
Hunan ceramics park hualian cup 2012-1-10

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